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Accomplished Legal Professional

Ms. Miller currently serves in the position of Legal Counsel - Global Risk and Compliance with one of the largest and most influential technology companies in the world. In this role, she is responsible for leading investigations into workplace and compliance issues to determine the root cause and develop short and long-term solutions to improve employee relations and ensure corporate regulatory compliance.

Prior to assuming this position, she gained over 24 years of experience in the field of labor and employment law working in both the public and private sectors. Specifically, her legal career has focused on advising multi-national corporations and organizations on labor and employment law, global immigration, regulatory compliance and risk management.

In 2014, Ms. Miller was awarded the U.S. Department of Labor's Secretary of Labor Honors Award. The Secretary’s Innovation Award was established to recognize labor-management successes in cost savings, increased productivity and innovation for improving advances for working conditions for U.S. workers.

Katrice earned a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago Law School and a Master of Law (LLM) in Business Compliance Law from Loyola University Chicago. She also holds a B.A. degree from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Award Winning Professor and Educator

Ms. Miller currently serve as an Adjunct Professor with Loyola University Chicago where she was awarded Loyola University's Outstanding Professor Award (2017). She also serves as a Member of Loyola University's Board of Faculty Advisors where she guides and influences directives in policies and procedures involving academic instruction, diversity and inclusion and cultivating relationships between university professors and students.

In 2021, Katrice was elected to serve as Director of Northwestern University’s Undergraduate Alumni Admission Council. As Director of Northwestern's AAC, Katrice assists Northwestern in meeting its goal of enrolling a highly qualified and diverse student body through interviews, college fairs and other events. Katrice is committed to sharing her vision, direction, leadership and advocacy to promote diversity, equity and inclusion at Northwestern.

Services Offered